Mon - 25/7/2016

Press Release

Ho Chi Minh City, 25 July 2016 – Trust Circle officially launches Tiet Kiem Nhom mobile app on mobile and web platforms in Vietnam. This is the first mobile app to provide peer-to-peer financial platform. Tiet Kiem Nhom serves the savings and borrowing needs of users across all fields, occupations, age groups and income segments; especially benefits those who don’t have access to traditional financial services (i.e. banking and credit institutions).

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Tue - 14/6/2016

Unitus Impact Social Venture Capital Fund chose Trust Circle for its community-support business model

In April 2016, a group of Wall Street Journal reporters came to Ho Chi Minh City to explore what enticed Unitus Impact, the popular social VC fund from Silicon Valley, to eye on technology projects in Vietnam where its economic growth has been in a spotlight but also hindered by policy deadlocks at the same time.

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