Vision and Mission

Trust Circle was founded in December 2014 by three founders who have sophisticated experience in technology, finance and business management fields. The Company has its headquarters in Vietnam and representative offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta (Indonesia), Nairobi (Kenya) and San Francisco (USA). Trust Circle is a technology company which specializes in providing financial products and services, with a purpose to enhance the opportunity of getting access to financial resources to many walks of life, especially those who belong to the middle-income range and struggling to gain access to formal and traditional financial services.

Leveraging the power of technology to enhance people’s reach to capital resources offered by friends and family, Trust Circle has developed the technology solutions that are “handmade” and “homemade” from scratch by Vietnamese engineers with the hope to contribute to the betterment of Vietnamese’ lives and also the lives of people all around the world. With our smartphone applications, we are proud to:

  • Extend the chance to access to ready capital of friends and family to everyone, especially for people with middle-income.
  • Maximise the transparency, safety and return of the mutual financing practices.
  • Bypass the burdensome middleman fees of financial transactions, better serve the personal financial needs of our users.
  • Enable friends, family, relatives to connect and support one another financially despite any geographical distance, and by that enriching the community support which is already a beauty of Vietnamese culture.



Trust Circle wants to leverage the power of technology to enhance people’s reach to capital resources offered by friends and family.

About the three founders of Trust Circle:

  • Kien Pham Executive Chairman

Kien graduated with MBA from Stanford University (USA) and was one of the minorities who was selected to join the White House Fellows program (USA). After graduation, he has held leader and investor positions of many international and Vietnamese companies.

  • Hieu Le, Chief Operating Officer

Hieu graduated with PhD in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA). He had experience in leading the global development of International Search Growth at Facebook and used to work for big technology companies such as Google, Amazon. He is also the founder of Caterva Inc. (USA).

  • Thang Nguyen, Chief Financial Officer

Thang graduated with MBA from University of Economics Ho Chi Minh, and is an alumnus of Executive Education Program from Stanford University (USA). Thang is recognized for his broad experience in finance, securities and investment fields, and is an advisor for many startups in Vietnam.


Hieu Le, Kien Pham, Thang Nguyen (left to right) during a business trip in the USA.